Acupuncture treatment


Acupuncture is a treatment using fine needles that are inserted into the body for therapeutic or preventative purposes.

It involves stimulating sensory nerves under the skin and in muscles. This results in the body producing natural substances such as pain relieving endorphins.

A course of acupuncture normally creates a long lasting pain relief, rather than a single treatment.

What to Expect

Acupuncture is used for musculoskeletal conditions as well as headaches, depression and so on.

Traditional acupuncture was derived from ancient Chinese medicine who believed that an energy force flows through the body in channels called meridians. This life force is called Qi.

It is believed that if this doesn't flow freely it can cause illness as the body is not in balance. Acupuncture can be used to restore this balance.

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Acupuncture is normally painless. Occasionally there may be a spot of blood, bruising or you may experience a mild headache.

The price for acupuncture on its own is £30 but doesn't cost extra if used within a massage.